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Blood Thirsty by hotgothguy Blood Thirsty :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 2 20 Lady of Death V3 by hotgothguy Lady of Death V3 :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 1 12 Lady of Death V2 by hotgothguy Lady of Death V2 :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 2 12 Lady of Death by hotgothguy Lady of Death :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 2 27 Demonoid by hotgothguy Demonoid :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 1 11
What Is Your Purpose?
Is there a God?
Is he all mighty and powerfull?
Do we have a meaning, a purpose?
Do we fullfill our purpose?
If there is a God does he have a purpose?
Why do we question our faith?
Are we trully faithfull?
We are loyal to our end without resolve,
But are we truly loyal to ourselves?
Why does God test us.
He is the all knowing, all powerfull, or is he?
Does he have a house with bills?
Does his car break once a week?
We believe in government, who governs God?
Is he so morally structered he doesnt require government?
Does he allways follow his own rules?
He says he will not destroy man again, man will destroy them selves.
Why doesnt he do something about it?
If he is all knowing and all powerfull then by his hand will men be spawned.
Those same men to start wars.
Those same men to destroy all man kind.
Is there really a heaven?
Where is it?
They say it is up, but i know from fact that up leads to space.
We have been there.
Is it down?
I know that it is a lil too hot half way before down i
:iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 0 5
Quiet Please by hotgothguy Quiet Please :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 0 13
The Views Of A Voice
The Views Of A Voice
Death is solitude as well as life.
Solitude is the beginning and end.
Hatred makes us weak as well as strong.
Life is a conundrum of the true meaning.
Truth is merely the only elegant lie.
Wisdom is the knowledge of age.
Age is infinite.
The voice you hear is yours.
The one you listen to confines you to solitude.
Kill the voice.
Infinity is a mere fraction of eternity.
Time is nonrefundable, nor negotiable.
We have what we have.
We are what we are.
Memories are only torturous extensions of the mind.
Why do we try to succeed and fail?
Why do we get back up?
Why must we succeed to achieve wisdom?
Why is success gained through lies?
We are all doomed to lie
to gain wisdom of hatred before
the infinite end of our own solitude.
The Voice Of,
:iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 0 8
The Question
If the hours pass into another day.
If the sun sets and rises again.
If the light of darkenss opens a realm.
If the gentleness of a rough touch is all one felt.
If the niceness of anger is all one has known.
Is the knowledge of solitude all one has?
Is being gentle an act of violence?
Is being nice knowing only how to hate?
Is the day never ending?
Is it tomorrow already?

2003 Hotgothguy JCM
:iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 0 13
Nimphoria by hotgothguy Nimphoria :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 3 38 My Gothic Valentine by hotgothguy My Gothic Valentine :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 21 62 Trailer Park Trash by hotgothguy Trailer Park Trash :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 0 17 A Faery For Nay by hotgothguy A Faery For Nay :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 1 5 Silent Muse V2 by hotgothguy Silent Muse V2 :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 4 33 Silent Muse v1 by hotgothguy Silent Muse v1 :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 1 13 Depiction of Insanity by hotgothguy Depiction of Insanity :iconhotgothguy:hotgothguy 4 38


Necrophilia by satirick Necrophilia :iconsatirick:satirick 189 147 7 Sins -Group 4- by darksanctuary 7 Sins -Group 4- :icondarksanctuary:darksanctuary 5 43 7 Sins -Group 2- by darksanctuary 7 Sins -Group 2- :icondarksanctuary:darksanctuary 9 46  7 Sins  -Group 1- by darksanctuary 7 Sins -Group 1- :icondarksanctuary:darksanctuary 26 58
Why is this so? Gender Issue
Scene: Playground
Characters: Mother, Son, Daughter and a hanky.
Mother sitted by the bench reading a novel while her two kids play among themselves at the playground.
Son and daughter on the swing.
They were chasing each other around laffing and having fun.
Mother looks up to check. Continues reading.
Son trips over shoelaces and falls.
Son wails his heart out.
Mother looks up and goes up to the son.
Mother drops a knee and tells the boy, "Why are you crying? It's a little scratch. Be a little man. Stop crying. You are a strong little man
Son upon hearing this tries his best not to show his pain. Hides his pain and carries on playing.
Mother goes back to her reading.
Daughter trips over her shoelaces and falls.
Daughter wails her heart out.
Mother looks up and rushes to daughter.
Mother drops a knee and lifts her daughter up, "My poor baby, does it hurt? Tell me where it hurts.. mummy will make it alright again."
Mother takes out hanky... wipes the scratch and dus
:iconlil-goth:Lil-Goth 2 46
- Fallen - by madnifesto - Fallen - :iconmadnifesto:madnifesto 4 37 atom by nemesid atom :iconnemesid:nemesid 1 2
Scared of the woods
I\'m scared of the woods...specifically whats in the woods....
....freekin GUMMIE BEARS man.
you\'ll be all like walkin along eith you picnic basket, and then...WHAM!!!
The bastard gummie bear fuckin crashes right into your noggin with its furry ass coz its been dippin in too deep into its gummieberry juice.
Yea, then you\'re like AAAAAAAARGH!!!!!! and runnin with your hands out in front of you with your head up a gummie butt and hitting trees and all you can see is darkness and all you smell is half decomposed berry shyte and then you fall into a ditch where you fracture your leg in three places and pass out from the pain.
When you wake up a day later, you cant remember a thing....but you are covered in shit, cant walk, have a mean ass headache and smell so bad you make speed stick slow down. be careful the next time you decide to take a stroll in the woods...
:iconnemesid:nemesid 1 2
Mmmmm by omarbig Mmmmm :iconomarbig:omarbig 14 39 Dark Sanctuary I by darksanctuary Dark Sanctuary I :icondarksanctuary:darksanctuary 9 19 Darkartchick by chungsunghoy Darkartchick :iconchungsunghoy:chungsunghoy 1 2 341252324466363653269mm by gncd 341252324466363653269mm :icongncd:gncd 17 21 boredominblue by skyesdragon boredominblue :iconskyesdragon:skyesdragon 1 5



insert cliche here ----l>
Current Residence: In a House
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Classical, Ambient, Classic Rock and a lil hip hop you know?
Favourite photographer: the nice lady in Booking at the county jail
Favourite style of art: digital style art
Operating System: wich ever one the Doc. says is the right one
MP3 player of choice: you got one for sale?
Shell of choice: stuffed tortelini
Wallpaper of choice: the cheapes kind at the Dollar store
Skin of choice: snake
Favourite cartoon character: Eugen and the other voice in my head...shut up.....ISAID SHUT UP
Personal Quote: when you put one hand on a penis and then the other and there is leftovers... now thats sumthin
  • Listening to: my princess


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sensenwhore Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2007
hey there i like your gallery :D
sensenwhore Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2007
hey there i like your gallery :D
silentology Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2005   Writer
9 months left to go.... i cant wait till you're home with me and the babies. i love you so much! :heart:
silentology Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2005   Writer
i love you angel!!! :floating: :heart:
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:holly:Wishing you Happy Holidays!:holly:

:santajark:---You have a very nice gallery! My favorite was Lady of Death...i love the colors!!!

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:party: P.S. I hope you have a Happy Birthday!
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:cake: :glomp: :boogie: :party: :airborne: Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day!! :airborne: :party: :boogie: :glomp: :cake:
silentology Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2004   Writer
baby i miss you, i love you, we've got 6 months down and god knows how many more to go. today's been a rough day. i can't wait for your call. i love you so much it aches inside. the girls are doing great. into mischeif but otherwise doing wonderful and always screaming. :rage:
i love you so much. i dont know how i'll make it though this time without you. my head is such a jumbled mess. people who say they're my friends, it just makes me wonder you know? people turn on you so quickly on here it's just mind boggling. i'm thankful for the friends i have in "real" life that i can touch and hug and who comfort. i just wish i could see them more. i wish i could see you, and hug you. i love you so much. i wish this was finished, and you were home. i want to hold you again, and feel you hold me. i believe in your innocence and i need you home again to help me make this family be whole and complete again. we all love and miss you

renee and peyton, hailey and ashley! :heart: :floating:
irishfae Featured By Owner May 20, 2004
:love: for JC
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